Bajollave It’s a great phrase for a tattoo and for a speakeasy restaurant.

It is our passion host and meet people from all over the world and that is why we´d decided to “create” a space to do it like we´d always dream.

Many thanks to those that contributed to our vision, especially our talented sisters and our extended family which includes Cesar, Eugenia, Clemente and Ariel.
We look forward to hosting you.

Bajollave feels so much like sitting in a chic friend’s living room you may be surprised when the food arrives.

Enjoy a relaxing time surrounded by good music, local food, fine arts and drinks in our centenary apartment, so welcome to our home, be yourself, and have fun!

Bajollave can accommodate a range of events and groups, including Tango Lesson, Cooking class and Wine tasting and Corporate events.

Please email our events manager with a detailed request and we will craft a proposal to suit your needs

Bajollave invites you to feel the experience of live tango: enjoy and listen, watching and dancing it.

- Tango Lessons for groups in english and french
- Tango shows with prestigious artists and Milongas
For more information:

To accompany and create the special atmosphere that surrounds Bajollave, several local artists exhibit their master pieces on our walls

We invite you to enjoy a gourmet circuit with the best flavours of our cuisine accompanied by the best selection of argentines wines. Disover the best marriages and participate in a unique wine tasting experience

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